Steve Starling caught this ripper barramundi at Manupi lodge on Melville Island with braided GSP line. I was standing right next to him at the time and I can tell you that the GSP helped to gain depth with his cast lure and it definitely helped in dragging the fish away from some fairly horrendous snags. Would he have caught the fish on stretchy mono - maybe?

It's fun to talk to you in almost real time so I thought I might tell you a bit about what I am doing with my fishing right now and more importantly how I am thinking and exactly what I am using to catch fish.

Most of the time when telling a story it pays to keep the 'self' element out of it. After all, most folks are only interested in how to catch a fish and where that fish lives - they don't really need to get in on a writers personal ego trip. I rate myself as a very ordinary person but I have been lucky in that I have been able to fish in many different locations for a huge variety of species. I generally fish over two hundred days a year and if I don't actually catch fish my family goes hungry and I am out of a job. This is a fair incentive to track down tackle that works and to find innovative ways to use it. The other reason for fishing hard and thinking about it for 23 hours a day is that I have an absolute fishing addiction. I really don't feel good if I go for a couple of days without catching a fish. I have to catch fish, fish, and more fish because it is welded into my nature, not because I have to catch more than anyone else or because I have to look clever. Anglers who have fished on my boat might find this hard to believe but I fish a lot harder when I am on my own than I ever do in company.

The latest eggbeater reels have made spinning a lot more deadly and productive.

Apart from making me a fairly boring person this fishing mania does give me the opportunity to test things to the limit so in that regard at least I can see why somebody may be a t least a little interested in my fishing opinions. If you don't have the opportunity to be on the water as much as I am, I hope you will find something useful in the Bushy update. If you don't, well at least I have earned a couple more dollars to feed my kid and to put petrol in the car for yet another fishing trip! You can take the ego trip, I need the money!

Now you know where I am coming from let's talk turkey. Fishing is starting to make some sense to me. That might sound like a silly statement but it is an accurate one. In fishing there is a fair bit of positive transfer - that is, what you learn in one type of fishing can help you catch more fish in another situation altogether. There can also be some negative transfer - things that work in one fishery may actually hinder your results in another. Now I find that I have fished for so many different species under so many different conditions that the positive transfer has really outweighed the negative. My fishing results have improved dramatically over the last couple of years because of this accumulation of knowledge.

I love Mustad Aberdeen hooks for soft plastics - they are light-guage, strong and they work even better when you get rid of the barb.

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