Sportsfish Australia prides itself in having been associated with the cream of Australian writers, journalists, photographers and fishing experts. Check out their credentials and Bio's for yourself, we're sure you will agree!

Kaj"Bushy" Busch Click here for more...

Bushy has fished extensively throughout Australia as well as in New Zealand, Vanuatu, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Thailand, Nauru, Christmas Island England, France and Canada.

He has represented Australia in the World fly-fishing Championships and competed successfully in a number of other world-class tournaments both overseas and in Australia.

Steve Starling Click here for more...

Steve Starling is one of Australia's best known and most highly respected fishing and outdoor journalists.

Steve had his first magazine article accepted at the age of 16, while in his final year of school.

Later, he went on to the University of NSW, qualifying as a high school English and History teacher.

Phil Atkinson Click here for more...

Phil Atkinson has been sportfishing (primarily in NSW) for the last 25 years, growing up near Woy Woy on the Central Coast of NSW Phil owned a small boat before a bike.

With a father who was a keen fisherman, most weekends from as long as he can remember were spent in chase of bream, jew, tailor, flathead, and crabs.

Darren ReidClick here for more...

Darren Reid is a fishing writer, photographer and editor based in Melbourne, Victoria.

He has fished extensively in Victoria lure fishing for bream and flathead in the far east Gippsland estuaries, chasing snapper in Port Phillip Bay and offshore, whilst also developing a strong interest in lure fishing for trout, golden perch and Murray cod in recent times.

Jeroen Schoondergang Click here for more...

Being the first to write about a new fishing spot, has been the drive for most of Jeroen’s travels.

In the process of fulfilling this ambition this Dutch journalist has fished in nearly all European countries and in many exotic places, on all continents except for Asia.

The stories told by his dad who ventured on foreign fishing trips as early as the late 1940s, placed the fishing bug well and truly in his system.

Leeann Payne Click here for more...

Leeann Payne is one of Australia's foremost women anglers, regularly submitting articles to national and international magazines as well as making regular appearances at boat and fishing expos.

Leeann has made many noteable captures on fly tackle and has landed Longtail Tuna over the 14.5kg mark on 8kg tippet as well as Black Marlin and Sailfish.

Ian'Barra' Miller Click here for more...

Ian Miller is Australia's best known and most highly regarded fishing rod designer and handcrafter.

His exclusive game rods find their way to every corner of the globe, filling the rod holders of many world famous vessels including Hawaii's 'Northern Lights', Madeira's 'Pesca Grossa' and the 'Viking ll' in Cairns to mention just a few.