Jeroen Schoondergang.

Being the first to write about a new fishing spot, has been the drive for most of Jeroen’s travels.

In the process of fulfilling this ambition this Dutch journalist has fished in nearly all European countries and in many exotic places, on all continents except for Asia.

The stories told by his dad who ventured on foreign fishing trips as early as the late 1940s, placed the fishing bug well and truly in his system.

At the age of four he was put in his uncle’s rowing boat with a bamboo fishing pole, catching his first roach, rudd and redfin perch.

From that he moved on to zander and pike on Dutch lakes and later salt water species, like Atlantic cod and European bass.

In the late seventies Jeroen and his brother started to experiment with early radio-navigation equipment combined with depth sounders, to develop pin point navigating techniques to find fishing spots.

After a period of trial and error, they became very successful in catching fish in places declared empty by other fishermen. Jeroen was also one of the first Dutchmen to consistently take a fly rod with him on his saltwater trips.

Nowadays Jeroen is a full time freelance writer and editor. He divides his time in corporate work, making corporate magazines for several companies, and in outdoor writing and editing. Each year he plans several foreign trips to gather information and photos for outdoor articles.

Jeroen’s articles have been published in most Dutch fishing magazines –he is an editor for the magazine Dé Roofvis (Predatory fish)-, in many outdoor and lifestyle magazines and in fishing magazines in the US, Britain, Germany and Sweden.

Jeroen and his girlfriend live in Kleine Huisjes, a small village in the northernmost part of The Netherlands. From there he runs his business Jeroen Schoondergang Tekstproducties (