Sportsfish Australia is proud to bring to you one of the largest and most comprehensive
interactive recreational fishing information resources in Australia.

What and Who is SportsFish Australia:

What: Sportsfish Australia is a General Recreational Fishing Portal which contains all that you need to know about all types of Fishing, tackle, boats in an easy to navigate, friendly and constructive Website.

Biggest is not necessarily the best. Although we are the biggest Fishing Portal in Australia, we more importantly, are the most user friendly and informative, whilst attaining a sense of community.

This has been demonstrated over many months with independent statistics showing that our visitors stay at SportsFish Australia three times longer than ANY other Australian Fishing Website.

Who: SportsFish Australia is a private enterprise with no affiliation with any one company. SportsFish Australia is privately owned and operated.

Sportsfish Australia is supported by some of Australia's better fishing writers and personalities. All our writers have put the hard yards in and now pass on their knowledge to us, in the largest recreational activity in Australia.

Many of our writers either have or are presenters of some of Australia's premier T.V. fishing shows. A full listing can be found here: The Team.

What we offer:

Some of the many services we provide that make us the Definitive Australian Interactive Sports Fishing Website include:

  • a real time weather information service directly relating to fishing, with fishing reports daily placed on the site by our members so you know where they are biting now!
  • an ever growing listing of quality fishing related businesses right around Australia.
  • a fully interactive discussion forum where anglers from all over the country, if not the world, join in to exchange views, tips and ideas or just get together for a chat!
  • one of the most detailed Fish Identification Files on the Internet
  • a comprehensive news and editorial section, reports and articles from some of the country's best known anglers.
  • reviews of some of Australia's best fishing products and services.
  • Members on-line Photo Gallery which is fully searchable; Members can build their own personal albums!

SportsFish Australia has been the market leader in many avenues of the Australian Fishing Portal. Arguably one of the first major Fishing portal to introduce a fully interactive forum.

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