(New Price Guide To Buying A Used Trailerboat)


Boating journalist and used boat specialist, Jeff Webster, has released a new edition of his Top 100 Secondhand Trailerboats magazine . Available now from leading newsagents (and online at, the new, third edition of Secondhand Trailerboats is a full colour, 116 page guide to buying a used power trailerboat.

The latest edition of Secondhand Trailerboats is a great read for anyone who would love to get into boating and fishing, but can't afford to buy a brand new boat. The magazine provides readers with a detailed price guide to more than 100 of Australia 's best used boat buys.

Whether you're looking for a runabout, centre console, bow rider, cabin boat, or walkaround, you'll find plenty of top rigs to choose from - across a broad spectrum of price ranges.

Accompanying each boat listing is a review, colour photograph, and specifications. This gives potential buyers a great base of information from which to begin the hunt for a well regarded, quality used trailerboat.

Acknowledging that most people have a limited budget set aside to buy a boat, the author has written a series of six feature articles, each representing a different price range.

In the first feature, there is a selection of the best used boats available for under $6,000. This is followed by articles on the best boats in the $6,000 - $12,000 price category, then the $12,000 - $18,000 category, and so on, right through to craft selling for over $35,000.

Complimenting the price guide articles are eight informative chapters intended to help buyers overcome the problems and pitfalls of buying a used boat.

These chapters guide the reader through the various stages in the boat buying process, commencing with choosing a model, and including how to inspect the boat, engine and trailer, where to look for a good used rig, as well as what problems to look out for during the water test.


For those people unlucky enough to buy a boat with a crook motor, there's even a chapter on repowering your boat.

Buying a secondhand boat is a difficult task, one that can be fraught with danger. With hundreds, perhaps thousands of unscrupulous sellers intent on dumping structurally suspect or poor quality craft, the unwary buyer can get into serious trouble. The Top 100 Secondhand Trailerboats was written to identify the best, most sought after used boats available, and just as importantly, to help readers avoid the lemons.

Priced at just $9.95 , the Top 100 Secondhand Trailerboats (3rd Edition) is available now at newsagents and on the internet at

Copies can also be ordered direct from the publisher by sending a cheque or money order for $10.95 (includes $1.00 postage) to Jeff Webster, PO Box 344 , Labrador QLD 4215. For more information, telephone or fax (07) 5594-0898.