Evinrude E-Tec's New 250HO passes the ultimate test!

Boat crews readying for an arduous event such as the Grafton water ski race generally spend many hours testing their engine and evaluating propellers.

For Bruce and Jeff Stubbs, crew of the Labsports Ventilator, eventual victors in the highly competitive SMOC class of Australia’s second biggest ski race, there was no such luxury.

With a 250hp HO Evinrude E-TEC scheduled to make its first Australian appearance, the crew had only minimal testing on race eve. “This engine had come straight from its cardboard carton and straight onto the boat’s transom,” Bruce Stubbs said.

“We tested the day before the race and were delighted to record 133km/hr. It was a sign of better things to come,” he added.

On race day, things did not go all the Labsport’s way. “We expected to be about the 30th boat away, but instead ended up 75th,” Bruce said.

“With two boats away every minute that put us at quite a disadvantage. There were 11 others starters in SMOC so we knew we were in for a contest.

“Our skiers, Luke Keys and Darren Riley were up to it and we literally flew out at the start. “Conditions were perfect over the entire 112km course and we threaded our way through the field to win SMOC convincingly, the second place getter 3.5 minutes astern.”

Bruce Stubbs described the performance of the Evinrude E-TEC as “faultless”. “For an engine three-hours old it was an extraordinary achievement,” he said.

“Using a Garmin GPS we determined our top speed in the race at 136.6km/hr, and for an engine to do that out of the box says a lot for Evinrude engineers, let me tell you.”

“One other factor we found quite astonishing was our fuel consumption – we used 70-litres of fuel for the entire race and that’s something to sing about,” Bruce Stubbs added.

The Labsports Ventilator, a sleek 5.6-metre hull, not only led the SMOC class home, but finished in the top 20 in amongst Unlimited Class competitors.

The entire range of Evinrude E-TEC engines benefit from the same engineering expertise as the 250 HO. And with 3-star certification from the demanding California Air Resources Board (CARB) Evinrude cares for the environment even while winning races.



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