Run out of fresh bait? Fish not biting? No fish in the bag?

NOT ANY MORE – fishing with lures negates those tired excuses, and that fishy smell after hours of feeding pilchards to the great unknown!

Almost any lure will catch a fish eventually, but how long do you want to wait? This book is for all the people that don’t want to wait very long!

After evaluating every lure imaginable, Ron Calcutt and Tim Simpson have successfully categorised thousands of lures into 12 fundamental lure styles and their unique features.

They explain how to select the lure you need. How they work, the advantages each style can give you, how you would use them and how to pick the very best lure, this alone will save you a fortune in poor quality lures and wasted fishing trips!

There are many myths and theories associated with lures and fish. Here the authors cut through the misinformation and present the real story on what triggers fish to attack and how fish see, feel, hear and hunt underwater. This insight will give you an enormous advantage and result in more success while spending less of your time waiting and hoping.

The roles of size, colour, speed, sound and design dynamics as well as knots, leaders, new super lines, fish finding techniques and the critical strike zone are all explained in great detail.

Since 1991, Ron Calcutt’s Complete Book of Fishing has become the definitive general handbook for Australian anglers. Now, this partnership with Tim Simpson has resulted in the ultimate book for sporting anglers who enjoy the explosive action of fishing with lures.

If you read this book you will, without doubt, catch more fish!

Ron Calcutt is best known for the creation of Australia’s first serious sportfishing magazine, The Australian Angler, later known as Fishing World, which sets the standard for sportsfishing journalism. In partnership with film maker Ossie Emery, Ron presented and co-produced 13 fishing films, including ‘A Fisherman’s World’ for the ABC – the first sportfishing adventure series to air on Australian Television.

He is also the author of the bestselling fishing guide Ron Calcutt’s Complete Book of Fishing [Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0731812069, $39.95]. Now retired, Ron lives in Boonah, Queensland, where he fishes the local dams for bass.

Tim Simpson ran two of Australia’s leading fishing tackle stores for 23 years. His role involved evaluating the world’s tackle and testing it on everything from stream trout to 500 kilogram marlin.

Tackle manufacturers around the world regularly seek Tim’s advice.

He’s achieved five World Records for fishing, as well as dozens of national records, tournament wins and awards. In 1996 he was appointed advisor to the New South Wales Minister for Fisheries.


The book is available now at all good tackle shops and books stores including Dymocks, Angus & Robertson for $49.95. RRP Hardback.

Or direct from Tim Simpson who will happily Autograph your copy for $49.95 including postage.