Part 3: The Sky is the Limit!

The Squidgy range of soft plastic tails, jig heads and other accessories has been specifically developed to suit Australian conditions, Australian fish and Australian anglers.

These are NOT lure designs that were originally developed for catching foreign fish in other lands.

Squidgies were conceived, evolved, tested and thoroughly fine-tuned in our home waters and on our fish before being released onto the Australian market.

As a result, we’re confident that you will really enjoy using Squidgies and, more importantly, that you’ll catch lots and lots of big Aussie fish on them!

Squidgies are designed to imitate a wide range of aquatic food items in fresh, salt and brackish water.

Just as importantly, their texture, taste and smell have all been carefully engineered to mimic these natural food items. Fish bite Squidgies and hang onto them!

However, to really achieve the best results while fishing with Squidgies, you may need to slightly modify your tackle and presentation techniques.

For that reason, we strongly advise you to watch this DVD carefully and read the Squidgy Secrets instructional catalogue, available wherever genuine Squidgies are sold.

Tight Lines & Good Fishing!


IN THIS DVD: In Part 3 of the SQUIDGY SECRETS series, Starlo, Bushy and friends reveal the latest additions to the Squidgy range and catch everything from bream to billfish on them!

This program will change the way you think about soft plastics! Watch for more DVDs in this series, coming soon.

Running time approximately 2 hours


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