On Soft Plastics

By Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling & Kaj ‘Bushy’ Busch

Two of Australia’s best known and most respected fishing writers, TV presenters and tackle designers — Starlo and Bushy — have joined forces once again to produce the definitive reference work on soft plastic fishing in this country.

Published by Bill Classon’s Australian Fishing Network, “On Soft Plastics” is a full-colour, 170-page book with hundreds of great photographs and crisp illustrations accompanying its clear, concisely-written text.

“On Soft Plastics” is the complete guide to choosing, rigging and using soft plastic lures to catch all species of Australian fish, in both salt & freshwater.



It includes:

· A detailed look at soft plastics and how they’re manufactured
· Analysis of what makes a good soft plastic and why they work
· Descriptions of all the major and minor styles and families of plastics
· A thorough look at jig heads, hooks, weights and other accessories
· Descriptions of the best tackle for fishing with soft plastics
· Information on how to rig and present soft plastics for better fishing results
· A species-by-species guide to Australia’s favourite soft plastic targets
· Tips and hints on how to manage, repair and customise your plastics
· A fascinating look at the likely future of soft plastic fishing in Australia

Best of all, this refreshing book is written in an honest, open and easily accessible style, free of complex jargon, insider-talk and excessively convoluted Americanisms.

It’s a down-to-earth guide to some of the most productive and exciting fishing methods ever devised, and the authors claim that reading it will make you a better, more successful soft plastics fisher. In fact, they guarantee it!

With a recommended retail price of $29.95, “On Soft Plastics” is available from good book stores and selected tackle outlets, as well as by mail order direct from AFN in Melbourne by phoning (03) 9761-7780 or e-mailing mailorder@afn.com.au Trade enquiries are also welcome.