2Dan's Fishing – Anglers Anonymous…

If you missed their first release you need to check out this one, the 2Dan's are at it again, doing what they do best fishing, having a blast and sharing it with you the viewer.

Join Dan Trotter and Dan Burgess as they team up with true blue Aussie beauty Erin Mcnaught on Anglers Anonymous - an iconic Australian fishing trip in search of new species, new lessons and more fishy action and larrikin entertainment than you can poke a gaff at.

Best mates Dan Trotter and Dan Burgess are backing up their first incredibly successful release with a show sure to please the die hard and novice anglers alike.

Join the 2Dans and the gorgeous Erin McNaught on a fishing road-trip that is a reel adventure.

Serious anglers with a relaxed attitude these characters will show you some of the best inshore fishing filmed in Australia since Mal Florence yelled "Go Berney... go go GO!!.

In  "Anglers Anonymous"  Dan and Dan will show you the techniques they employ to to hook trophy fish in new destinations.

  • Over 160 minutes of footage
  • Special features including 'Boat Layout', 'NO FISH', 'FUNNY FISH', 'MORE FISH'.

With a soundtrack to rival any film release this year it's sure to be a winner with those that just love fishing and great music Soundtrack;

The Beautiful Girls, Blue King Brown, bluejuice, Lordz of The Fly, The Blackmarket Rhythm Co., Rogerthat, Ka'ge, Irksome Bliss, Kaya, MC Fever, The Lucky Fonz III, The Anglers.

The 2Dans team capture a slice of life that every Australian can appreciate – travel, adventure, friends and great fishing.

Inspire and ignite your angling addiction