The Boys Go Bassing


By Mitchell Rae.


"Mitchell wake up" I opened my eyes. I could see Dad looking at me.
"Yeah" I said" We're going fishing"

I jumped out of bed and dad said, "Your clothes are on the lounge" I raced out to get clothes for 2 reasons: 1 I couldn't ait to go fishin. 2. When I jumped out of bed I found that it was cold, real cold.

So when I got dressed (warmly by the way) I had some Weetbix and after that some hot Milo to warm me up, (my it gets cold before dawn.) When my Dad and my younger brother Mai had their breakfast we started to pack the car and we were soon on our way.

When we got to the turn-off at the end of our street, we could go North or South. We turned south and about fifteen to twenty minutes later we got to our friends farm and there were a lot of cows waiting to be milked.

We had to drive right though them and when we did get though them we unloaded the canoe and the car. The fun was about to begin. We dragged the canoe down the bank and pushed it in the water. I got in the front, Dad got in the back and Mac got in the middle.

We pushed off and started to paddle out to some lilies on the other bank. We kept casting at the lilies and all the while moving downstream. When we got to the end of the lilies (which it didn't take a long time) we went up the bank a bit and then went down the other bank to have a few casts.

When we near the place that we pushed off Dad cast one reel near the bank and was winding it in when there was a big whack and suddenly the rod bent over and the line went whizzing out and Dad gave it to my little brother.

He pulled and winded and brought it to the side of the boat.

It was huge!! (We measured it later and it was 42cm) We took photos.

It was at some lilies upstream that we saw a big Bass. We were paddling along when dad pointed and said, "Look!" We all looked and sure enough there was some splashes and a shrimp jumped out of the water and a splash close behind and the shrimp jumped again, another splash once more the shrimp jumped and then…. Whammo! And the shrimp was no more. "Wow" said Dad "Did you see that?" " Yeah!!" I said "sure did" said Mac.

"Lets go over there to see if we can catch it," said Dad. "Okay" my brother and I said. We paddled over to the lilies and had a few casts but no prevail. "Oh well at least we tried" said Dad "We'll go upstream". We went upstream as far as we could go but caught nothing. We were coming downstream and at some more lilies (different lilies this time) with a snag in there midst is where we caught our next fish. My first bass!!

Dad cast one right on the edge of them and gave the rod to me and I started to wind in and suddenly I was hooked up!

I winded to the side of the boat. It was 30cm! Not very big to sum but I think it was big and fat. Blueish green in colour with a shiny, sleek body shape. I ended up catching 5 more my little brother 3 and my Dad 2.

We headed back to the car and caught nothing. We loaded up the car and went home.

To sum up it all up it was a great day.

Mitchell Rae. Aged 10 yrs.