"E-Nation Saltwater Fishing - Dive In the Deep End!"

28/08/2012:  Dive In the Deep End!....

I have often wondered how some individuals become so good at their chosen sport or profession, to the point where they seem superhuman! The obvious answer is that they practice or study from an early age, applying every moment possible to perfect and practice their wares to the point where it becomes automatic in their subconsciousness. Most probably, it happens if you have” heaps” of time on your hands or had someone mentoring you from an early age.

However, if like me you don’t have that much time on your hands, I suggest you subscribe to another method in mastering the steep learning curve in a short time frame. What is it, I hear you asking me? Well, you need to do something really drastic, you know, being thrown in at the deep end so to speak.

Not that long ago I wanted to learn to fly fish, so like most people I went out and bought a fly rod, reel, fly line, flies, etc. Went to a river on a fishing trip in the snowy mountains and only took the fly gear, deliberately not taking any other fishing gear, spinning outfits or lures. On that first trip I caught nothing, was frustrated with wind knots, tangles, getting the fly caught in tussocks and trees. However I learnt to cast those two short days through perseverance and practice. On the second trip I landed my first trout on fly, the third trip I caught 5 trout, the fourth trip saw 10 trout, and the fifth, 26 trout.

Now I am no expert fly fisher and there are other aspects that need to be learnt as well such as watercraft, locations, type of fly, feeding patterns, etc. I can assure you, the fact that I just had to persevere meant I was able to learn very quickly. I have since used this technique with 3 friends who needed to learn real quick and they achieved similar results.

Until next time stay safe and dive in the deep end. You may get to where you want to go much quicker.





16/07/2012:  The Psyche of the Angler....

When I refer to the psyche of an angler, I am talking about the spirit, the soul or mind, and the subsequent action or reaction that occurs in any physical or social environment. So when we take an early morning start, with dawn just breaking, the water is only ever so lightly touched by wind. The colours of the surrounding water, sky, and landforms are silhouetted against the vivid, intensely coloured and changing hues of orange, green, brown, and grey.

The senses become heightened with that distinctive smell of the ocean, stimulating receptors in the brain and causing a slight sting in your nostrils. The smell and sight of the ocean at first light is something special every time. It fuels the psyche, drives our desires to brave what at times are the best and worst that.............Read More



29/06/2012 – E-Nation Saltwater Fishing - Why worry? It's an E-TEC!....

Basic boat maintenance is usually something that I put off not because I find it mundane, it's just one of the jobs that gets put further down the list of priorities -- even lower than a lazy Sunday on the lounge watching motorsports and drinking beer.

With a tournament looming, it was time to give the boat, electronics, and batteries a check to make sure everything was in working order. The last time the boat hit the water must have been a whisper shy of 3 months ago. All fuses, electronics, connections, and plugs were in good order, with no signs of corrosion or build-up on the battery terminals. Even the lockers, hinges, and locks were inspected and sprayed with Lanox.

The main switch panel, with navigation lights, sounders, live well, and bilge pumps, all checked out OK. The electric motor was deployed, and the foot pedal worked as well as it could while not being on the water.

The last thing was to hook up the engine muffs and hose and give the engine a crank. The ignition was set to the On position, engine systems check lit up, and the all too familiar beep told me all was good. Ready to turn the key and fire up the engine, I hesitated for a second thinking, "Will it start?" I turned the key and.............Read More



16/04/2012 – E-Nation Saltwater Fishing - Adventure Fishing!....

When you hear the term “Adventure Fishing”, several random thoughts come to mind almost immediately. Some imagine exotic destinations in faraway places or untouched waters teaming with a variety of huge, rare fish, while others want to take a single engine plane to a remote beach. Everyone has a different vision, and I found mine at the Hawkesbury/Nepean River.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been on a few of these more lavish trips (after scraping and saving every penny possible and gaining approval from the Minister of Finance) to the Northern Territory, here in Australia. Whilst most anglers consider these to be trips of life time, and indeed they are, my real “adventure” was a little less exotic.

My very first trip to catch Australian Bass, on a small tributary of the Hawkesbury/ Nepean River, was incredibly memorable. I recall how the farmland and plains magically..............Read More

11/04/2012 – E-Nation Saltwater Fishing - Was it really Summer

Welcome to my third installment on E-NATION…all the way from wet and windy Australia! Whilst summer here on the east coast of Australia usually means lots of great outdoor activities involving sun, sand, fishing and boating, somehow the weather gods must have forgotten. The weather has been less than cooperative with continuous, persistent precipitation well above historical averages. Now I get the fact that in tropical and subtropical areas there are usually two seasons, “the wet” and “the dry”, given the long range weather forecast, the dry may not happen for a while.

No one should begrudge this much needed rain, as Australia is the one of the driest continent around, and coming out the back end of one the longest drought in its history. We should be grateful for small mercies. But “fair go”, Murphy’s law seems to be dictating to the point that it seems to want..............Read More

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