Here you will find information, tips and stories on the flyfishing side of anglering. Call back often as new material will be posted regularly from all corners of the country!

Steven Pourniotis: Making a rotating Fly Drier Click here for more...
As with a lot of you fly fishers when I started fly fishing not long ago I got hooked big time, and I found myself purchasing all these new little gadgets, vices etc. The time came when I got into epoxy and silicone for making flies such as prawn imitations, surf candies here

Nathan Litjens: Tarpon on FlyClick here for more...
While on a recent spring trip to Queensland's Sunshine Coast I had the good fortune to meet up with a friend of mine by the name of Anthony Bellantoni, or Madkeen as he is called on Sportsfish. Poor guy, I had been at him to take me to his tarpon here

Kelvin Ng : Fly Fishing 101Click here for more... New Item
This article is prompted by the numerous posts that I've seen over the years on the site from people who are interested in getting into fly fishing, but don't know where or how to start..... click here

Well it doesn't seem like ten years since we first opened the doors to The Alpine Angler, how time flies when there's fish to be caught. Trevor Hawkins has again painted a special cover for us to be revealed with the release in November this year.

We have added quite a few new products and included some great feature articles from some of the countries leading fly anglers.

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Most anglers are taking their first steps into the salt in coastal easturies, so with this in mind The Alpine Angler have decided to run some schools this season. More information can be found here.....

In the Australian Fly Fishing Championships last January 2000, Peter Hayes qualified for the next Australian world championshipteam. Catch up with his report on the event!