Sci: Thunnus alalunga

Common Names: Albies

Description: The Albacore is easily distinguished from other species of tuna by its long pectoral fin, often extending well beyond its second dorsal fin. Drifting and cubing are an effective method for Albacore. Albacore are known as the "chicken of the sea" because of their high quality white meat, many say that they are the best eating of all Tuna. Like most tunas, they can be caught by either trolling artificial and live baits, or by cubing.

Size: The Albacore is a hard fighting small Tuna that averages between 3 and 8kg

Distribution: Shelf 60-fathom plus line in spring. Approximately Late August to October. Albacore are common in the east coast water's of Australia from Tasmania to Brisbane. Also common in New Zealand, Hawaii and the west coast of USA. They are usually found in schools following warm ocean currents in water well offshore.

Fishing Techniques: The Albacore is generally taken when fishing for the larger Bluefin , Yellowfin or Marlin. As a result similar techniques for Albacore are used. The bulk of the gamefishing for these is offshore.

Eating Qualities: The "albie" is renowned as the chicken of the sea for it's white flesh.

By Steve Starling