The boating section covers all aspects of boating and marine safety for all States.

There will be a comprehensive listing of boat maintenance for all seasons, how to set up a fishing platform, trailer maintenance etc.


Trailer Maintenance :
This is one of the most important parts of owning your trailer. Given proper care, your Boat Trailer should give you many years of service. We suggest that you wash your trailer with a detergent soap each time you use it..... More

Ramp & Towing Tips:
The safety of you and those on the road around you is of paramount concern. Remember, when it's time to hit the streets, performance doesn't have to take a back seat. Trailer towing is a special situation, which places demands on your driving skills, and on your tow vehicle...... More

Buy that new Boat Trailer:

Selecting the correct power:

Outboard Maintenance:

Since the mid-1980’s all Evinrude and Johnson outboards (and all other major brands of outboard motor) have been designed to run safely on RFG or E10. That required changes to fuel line materials, rubber or elastomer parts, and some fuel system metal components. Owner’s guides since those days will mention that fuel with up to 10% ethanol (or 5% methanol plus co-solvents) are OK for use, without any changes needed to the engine...... More

Selecting Your New Boat:

Buying a Secondhand Boat;

Boat General Maintenance:

Boat License: Each state and territory of Australia has different licensing requirements to operate a powered boat. Find out general information here, plus links for a more detailed description. Click here

Boat Ramps: Sportsfish is gathering information from around the country and listing as many boat ramps as possible with a short description on each one. Many of the listings have been supplied by our members who use these ramps regularly Click Here

Hints and Tips on Marine Issues: Over the next few months many articles of interest for the general care and maintenance of your rig, including trailers maintenance, towing hints and tips can will be found here.

Boating Roundup: This section has wrap ups of general boating news and interests on matters that affect us. It is updated regularlyClick Here:

Boating & Fishing Shows: In this section you can find all the major fishing and boating expos/shows around the country for this year. Click Here