(New Guide To Buying & Repairing A Used Trailerboat)

Having structural problems with your boat? Then the new edition of Jeff Webster's Secondhand Boat Workshop magazine could be just what you've been looking for. Revised and updated, the new magazine is a 100 page, full colour guide to buying and repairing a used trailerboat.

Now available from newsagents across Australia, Secondhand Boat Workshop contains chapters on a full range of boat maintenance and repair topics – including how to keep alloy corrosion at bay, repairing a soft, rotted transom or cockpit floor, and replacing underfloor stringers. There's also a chapter on restoring an old, run down fibreglass cruiser – the kind of project that hundreds of people now embark on every year.

The repair and restoration chapters in Secondhand Boat Workshop are particularly informative because they are illustrated with two dozen or more photographs showing (step by step) exactly how each repair process should be undertaken. For the DIY enthusiast, keen to tackle a repair job at home, these “how to” type articles are invaluable.

A range of other topics are also covered in the magazine, including how to maintain and care for your boat, engine and trailer, whether to repower with a new or reconditioned engine, and what's involved in fitting an outboard pod and changing your boat over from sterndrive to outboard power.

For those people who have yet to buy a boat, Secondhand Boat Workshop has chapters on what to look for when buying a used boat package – or more particularly, how to avoid buying a lemon!

Complimenting the technical articles are reviews on 50 "Golden Oldies" - detailed reports on some of the most popular trailerboats ever made. In keeping with the refurbishment theme, the author has concentrated on reviewing older classics from the late 1960s through to the early 1980s - models which most people can afford to buy and then restore.

Among this group of boats are some genuine classics - such as the Bertram 25, Savage Marlin and Bluefin, Caribbean Commodore and Crestcutter, Cruise Craft Reef Ranger, Raider and Rover, plus most of the well known, early model Haines Hunters.

Secondhand Boat Workshop is the only publication available which is targeted exclusively at used boat buyers and existing boat owners. It has been written to help people through the maze of buying a secondhand boat, but also to show how to care for, maintain, and if necessary, rebuild a used boat. As a technical guide and reference source, this publication warrants a permanent place on every power boat owner's book shelf.

Priced at just $8.95 (incl.GST), Secondhand Boat Workshop (2nd Edition) is available now at newsagents across Australia . Copies can also be ordered direct from the publisher by sending a cheque or money order for $8.95 (includes postage & GST) to Jeff Webster, PO Box 344 , Labrador QLD 4215 . For more information, telephone or
fax (07) 5594-0898.

* Editor's note – Secondhand Boat Workshop will be on sale for six months from July 14, 2006 to January 31, 2007. Review copies are available from the publisher upon request.