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"E-Nation Saltwater Fishing - Dive in the deep end!"

28/08/2012:  Dive in the deep end!

I have often wondered how some individuals become so good at their chosen sport or profession, to the point where they seem superhuman! The obvious answer is that they practice or study from an early age, applying every moment possible to perfect and practice their wares to the point where it becomes automatic in their subconsciousness. Most probably, it happens if you have” heaps” of time on your hands or had someone mentoring you from an early age.

However, if like me you don’t have that much time on your hands, I suggest you subscribe to another method in mastering the steep learning curve in a short time frame. What is it, I hear you asking me? Well, you need to do something really drastic, you know, being thrown in at the deep........Read More

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Animated Knots

Try this Knot!

Sportsfish Animated Knots:

are a great start to learning the basic knots required when out fishing. Simple to follow, with stop/start to view each knot move by move, these animations are a fantastic learning tool for all.

You will need to have the latest Macromedia Flash player plugin installed to see our knots. The interactivity provided by the use of this player to describe knot tying is second to none.

If you can see this small animation playing, then you're right to go!

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